Consider graduate school abroad

International graduate programs can provide certain students with valuable academic experiences.

Jasper Johnson

As the semesters trudge on and students approach their senior year, many consider graduate school when evaluating their academic future. For American graduate students, school abroad can offer affordable prices and valuable experiences.
Depending on a person’s financial status, international universities might be worth consideration while sizing up different graduate programs. For example, budget-constrained students might find schools in countries such as Germany, Finland and Sweden to be affordable options. All have programs where American students can study nearly tuition-free. 
Additionally, studying abroad can prove valuable in certain academic fields. A few that come to mind are biology, international relations, history and language. For anyone in these fields, being able to take a day trip to study rainforest biomes, live under a foreign government, visit historical sites or be surrounded by native speakers could greatly enrich the educational experience.
Furthermore, going to grad school abroad has the potential set you apart from other students. Completing a degree abroad demonstrates an ability to adapt to new environments and solve problems. And in contrast to spending a semester lounging in Barcelona or passing a week on a mission trip in Africa, truly living somewhere new for two or three full years could lend students a unique perspective of the world. 
Granted, for certain countries, health and safety could be issues to attending grad school abroad. Additionally, proper accreditation can be a concern for some fields, like teaching, medicine and law. 
However, for many students, attending grad school abroad can provide many benefits, and it’s worth considering as you plan your academic track.
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