Response to ‘Coup’

Erich Martin

As the advisor of the Student Services Fees process, I would like to state that the letter from Derek Trout in MondayâÄôs issue of The Minnesota Daily was an inaccurate representation of what occurred at the Friday, Feb. 26 meeting of the Student Services Fees Administrative Unit Committee. While the meeting was heated, the committee did vote to remove Sean Niemic as chair and as a member of the committee. The vote was done in accordance with the committeeâÄôs operating procedures which state that âÄúA member may be expelled from the Committee by a two-thirds vote.âÄù Nine members of the committee were at the meeting. The vote was 7-0 to remove Mr. Niemic with two members not voting. The two-thirds requirement calculation was met and is based on those members who were present at the meeting. Since the fees procedures were followed, Mr. Niemic is no longer part of the committee. He has been offered an opportunity to appeal this decision. Subsequent to this action, the committee selected Kenny Kapphahn as their chair and the fees process is proceeding according to schedule. Erich Martin Student Services Fees Committee advisor