Orlando Ochoada

Republican Orlando Ochoada said he’ll combat taxes, crime and over-regulation in the state Legislature if he is elected state representative of District 62A.
“I believe that taxes in general are too high and need to be reduced,” Ochoada said, adding that tax reduction should be done equitably.
The former University student also said he wants stronger crime enforcement. As a representative, he said he would support local law enforcement, both financially and in policy matters.
But in general, Ochoada said he disapproves of state regulation. For example, he opposes helmet laws and seat belt regulations — except for minors — because they intrude on personal freedom.
“I’m inclined to lean more toward libertarian-based solutions,” Ochoada explained.
Regarding higher education, he said University President Mark Yudof established a reputation for good work and if Yudof came up with a good request, Orlando would be supportive.
A product of public education, Ochoada said he prefers lower tuition costs over extensive state-based financial aid programs to help students pay for college.
Ochoada works as the organizational coordinator for the Republican Party of Minnesota. He has lived in District 62A nearly all his life.