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The Minnesota Daily Editorial Board would like to extend a warm welcome back to all University of Minnesota students, staff and faculty. Returning to the academic grind may seem daunting, especially during this first week. But with all your current preoccupations, we would like to underscore the importance of staying connected with your University community. Obviously you, the reader, have already made the caloric action of grabbing this first issue off the newsstand, the coffee table or, more desperately, the bathroom floor. The Minnesota Daily, especially the Editorial Board, expects more from our readers than simple, passive consumption. The Daily is your newspaper, and we expect our readers to play an active role in its publication. Glance at our Letters to the Editor section. This space is reserved for comments from members of the University community. Moreover, it embodies the second plank of the DailyâÄôs mission statement: âÄúTo provide a forum for the âĦ exchange of ideas for the University community.âÄù Though the Daily employs a dedicated and talented team of writers, it cannot possibly cover every topic you find important or relevant to the University. Like the contributors of todayâÄôs letters, you might want to clear up a misunderstanding or showcase your scathing opinion of TCF Bank Stadium. If so, write to [email protected] so we donâÄôt use the space for UWire stories, which the Daily does not originally publish. Call the Editorial Board if you have a scoop or write a guest column. Take advantage of this opportunity; the Daily is your newspaper.