A&E’s RSS: Finding you the best headlines

by Rebecca Lang

Ok, so this isn’t really an RSS feed, but in case you’re wondering where A&E subscribes, here’s the rundown. On my Google page, I get feeds from Advertising Age, USA Today (I don’t care if its the TV of newspapers; I like it), Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Stereogum, and a few others. But that simple syndication can’t always cherry pick the best of the web, so here are a few hand-picked headlines for your reading pleasure.

Chuck Klosterman discusses the pain of when a singer’s face doesn’t match their voice, and the particular joy of when it does

Jay Leno interviews Barack Obama

A clothing fiber that makes you burn fat

Best ads of the month, starring that chubby-cheeked Microsoft girl

Space-age new musical instruments

Pitchfork gives Dan Deacon’s Bromst an 8.5

SXSW Photos

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