Bike-ban double standards

I just wanted to express my disdain for the University of Minnesota Police DepartmentâÄôs borderline fascistic ban on biking inside the Washington Avenue bridge. This temporary rule is one that was enacted because of one single person who lost control and crashed into a pedestrian, and now all bikers are punished for this mistake. Would we ban cars from driving on the highway if there is a major car crash? Of course not. And the logic behind the ban of bikes inside the bridge utilizes the same broken logic. Also, they say that the ban was enacted because the inside of the bridge is âÄúfor the walkers.âÄù So why arenâÄôt walkers fined for walking in our bike lanes? This happens constantly and IâÄôve almost crashed multiple times because of people who walk and run in my way. Again, there is major hypocrisy here and I donâÄôt think IâÄôm the only one who feels this way. Zach Bibeault University student