Police report attempted rape in Marcy-Holmes

A 19-year-old woman was robbed late Sunday near the intersection of 10th Avenue Southeast and Seventh Street Southeast; the alleged robber also tried to rape her, according to a police report. The attempted rape occurred in the park area on the southwest corner of the intersection, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said. The suspect fled and Minneapolis police are investigating. Six robberies near campus Over the weekend the Minneapolis Police Department 2nd Precinct witnessed five other robbery incidents, many of which occurred just off campus, according to police reports. Four of the robbers threatened their victims with a gun âÄî including the perpetrator of the attempted rape âÄî and two others used their fists to get what they wanted, Miner said. Christie Stjern , a global studies first-year, was walking home to Sanford Hall with her friend early Monday when two men demanded their purses. Stjern said she gave one man her bag, and the other man took her friendâÄôs bag before running off down 12th Avenue Southeast with all of the two studentsâÄô identification. âÄúWe normally have a bigger group we walk around with,âÄù she said. From now on she said she will always walk in a larger group. But on the other side of campus, some students intervened and saved a girl from losing her purse. Whitney Clemens , a theater sophomore, said a man got out of a parked car Sunday morning near 25th and University avenues southeast as her group of five walked by, but quickly got back in. Then, after they had walked on, the man got out again and tried to take the bag of another girl, who was walking by herself, she said. âÄúNothing was taken from her, but it was a pretty big attempt because her bag got ripped apart,âÄù Clemens said. One of ClemensâÄô friends, computer science sophomore William Shackelton , said he ran at the robber, which frightened the man away. Shackelton said he hoped he âÄúhad enough momentumâÄù to knock the robber over. Eight thefts from motor vehicles Two strings of thefts damaged vehicles at University-area ramps and eateries. In a five-hour span Saturday morning, a thief or thieves broke into four different cars and took various possessions from vehicles parked at the University Medical Center, Fairview , according to police reports. A thief broke into and stole DVDs out of another car in the University parking ramp near the McNamara Alumni Center on Friday or Saturday, according to a report. According to other reports, three more vehicles were broken into in the area: One was parked at U Garden on Monday, and two more were parked the same day at the Overflow Espresso Café . Both are located on University Avenue. Miner said the best way to guard from this kind of theft isnâÄôt to park in a ramp, but to keep things out of thievesâÄô sight. Drivers should put objects in their glove compartments and trunks; especially GPS mounts which tell thieves that a GPS system could be hidden in the car, he said.