A semester in review

After a long fall on campus, we can finally look back on the semester.

by Daily Editorial Board

After a long semester of homework assignments, studying and late nights, we can finally look back on our experience this fall. From a new University of Minnesota president to the Occupy movement, weâÄôve gone through a wide array of events and changes.

A major change at the University is Eric Kaler, our new president. As the 16th University president, heâÄôs come into the position facing a variety of challenges. He also started a new method of reaching students âÄî tweeting. With KalerâÄôs Twitter page readily available, we can follow him and his ideas in the coming semesters.

Along with a new president, the University welcomed a new Gophers football coach, Jerry Kill. Though the football team didnâÄôt impress many, coach Kill worked hard through health troubles and showed great dedication.

Another trend around campus was a high rate of muggings and burglaries. While this was unfortunate, we saw headlines in the Minnesota Daily almost weekly about another student victim of robbery or assault. Hopefully increased awareness helps that trend go away during spring semester.

Outside of the University this semester, a major movement has been taking place, the Occupy movement, including OccupyMN. Protesters have been out fighting for the âÄú99 percent.âÄù Some students got involved around campus as well. People are protesting for many different causes âÄî whether it be reining in corporate greed, creating jobs or lowering tuition, itâÄôs clear that change is needed.

Fall semester at the University brought to us many different experiences and events. Students can take a breath, look back on this time and hope for a smooth spring semester.