Daily Digest: Sam’s story spreads, cats cure cancer?

Mike Rose

It’s mid-week again. Here’s some Wednesday news bits for your reading pleasure: *Sam, the University of Minnesota first-year student who was badly beaten on Oct.15 and spoke with the Daily recently, has garnered some more media attention. Fox 9’s top local story today is a repackaging of the Daily’s piece, which features video and print interviews.

*An interesting new study from the University shows that having a pet reduces the risk of developing a fairly common cancer by one-third, the China Daily reports (yes, I’m going international on you today). This study, which looked at non-Hodgkins lymphoma, has joined a growing body of research that suggests pet ownership is good for one’s health. This includes another University study, published earlier this year, that showed cat owners were 40 percent less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack than those who don’t own a cat. As a cat owner myself, my heart can rest easier.

*Lastly, the Star Tribune has a story out today on Linda DeLude, a Minneapolis woman whose husband Barry died from the flu and has become an "envangelist" on the subject of flu shots. The story reports that over 36,000 Americans die from flu complications each year, something Linda DeLude didn’t take seriously until her husband’s death. Of course Linda DeLude may be pleased to have heard about yesterday’s flu shot world record set on campus.

Until we meet again… Mike Rose City editor