Construction unfair to cyclists

With the closure of the Kolthoff Hall sidewalk and the walk-only restrictions on the western silver bridge, it is once again impossible to safely get from the Washington Avenue Bridge to the North of Washington on a bicycle. I find it hard to believe that the University consulted with any cyclists on closing the silver bridge, as it is unnecessary and focuses cycle traffic into the Washington Avenue/Church Street intersection, thus creating a dangerous concentration of bicycle, pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic on the southwest corner of the intersection. I submit two alternative approaches: First, replace the âÄúBicycles DismountâÄù signs on the silver bridge with a 5 MPH speed limit. There is plenty of room for cyclists and pedestrians to coexist on that bridge in light summer traffic, and a 5 MPH speed limit would allow ticketing of reckless cyclists (who are the real motivation for the closing, I would assume). Second, close the west silver bridge to pedestrians and leave it for cyclists âÄî the east silver bridge is a short distance away and unsuitable for cyclists anyway, due to the stairs. I realize that construction is disruptive, and we need to share the burden, but forcing major disruption on cyclists while other modes of transportation are largely unaffected is not sharing. Reid Priedhorsky Graduate student