Dear Dr. Date,I wo…

Dear Dr. Date,
I would like to respond to a column printed last week where a woman talked about the difficulty of finding normal guys that can quote Ice Cube’s movie classic, “Friday.” Not all guys on the campus are infatuated with the Abercrummy & Frat image. There are perfectly normal guys around that have never been interested in taking part in that. There are, in fact, guys who like to have tons of fun, aren’t wasted all weekend, shower daily, attend the Institute of Technology without knowing the names of the “Star Trek” cast and wonder where all the “Friday”-loving girls are. So, Dr. Date, you have probably figured out that I am describing myself, but I know others who share the same interests. You suggested freak-hunting in coffee shops and art museums. I would like to add that there are other interesting people around who go to the coffee shop or art museum less than once a month but have fun interests and hobbies like going to the Rec Center, doing activities outside and trying something different every weekend. I hope the woman who submitted last week’s letter keeps looking — as long as she looks just like Janet Jackson. I have struggled to meet girls who are more fun than the standard bar fare, but reading last week’s column was encouraging.
— Homer J

Dear Dr. Date,
In response to Lil’ Bunnies: I detest the frat scene/lifestyle, have grown weary of the Minneapolis meat-market bar scene and am really left with few places to meet cool girls. I think I am in a similar situation to that of Lil’ Bunnies, in that we still have one foot in mainstream society. I’m an attractive guy. I look like a normal member of society, but that’s far from the truth. I’m a freak, basically. My problem is that I want to meet girls who are freaks like me but don’t look like freaks. I still desire people with good personal hygiene, who stay in shape, etc. It’s a weird situation to be in, but we are who we are. So if the Lil’ Bunnies or any other like-minded girls are out there, we need to seek each other out!
— Another Freak

So there you have it, Bunnies. If these two letters are any indication — and I do believe readers of my column are a scientifically accurate representation of campus — then there are plenty of great guys out there who like to do things other than wear clothing with a brand name that purports status but signifies nothing.
My suggestion to all of you is to be more confident and take a risk when approaching someone new. Next time you embark on your daily routine, take a second look around and see if there isn’t someone you overlooked.