The conservative mood

John Beckmann

I have been a student at the University for five years. I completed my undergraduate degree here and am now in graduate school. In all those years I have never once felt looked down upon for my conservative beliefs by a professor. On Tuesday, I met with one of my art professors for a one-on-one critique. The art that we were looking at was a print of President Barack ObamaâÄôs entitlement nation being eaten alive by its own monster: massive government expansion. My professor never raised her voice during the meeting and maintained composure, but I have never felt so belittled. She told me that I was selfish, that I lived in a bubble and that my system of beliefs was a system all about the individual. I explained to her that conservatism was about self reliance and not relying on the government because it is not dependable; she wouldnâÄôt have it. She even went so far as to say that people need to be forced by the government to give to others for the common good. In my book, thatâÄôs called stealing. The most disturbing thing of all was that she actually thought that passing health care would pave the way to eliminate crime, drug addiction, rape and improve neighborhood safety. As if muggers really steal your iPod so they can pay for their grandmotherâÄôs cancer expenses. I am not writing this letter to convince anyone of anything. I am writing to say that I am pissed off at this demagoguery and condescending behavior. Liberals thought they were pissed when George W. Bush was in office, but IâÄôve never been as politically angry as I am right now. I will fight the entitlement society with all of my might. Conservatives, I know youâÄôre out there. You need to start speaking up and kicking liberal [expletive] here at the University. DonâÄôt take the âÄúconservatives are evilâÄù [expletive]. Independents, choose a side: This is a war. John Beckmann University graduate student