The Fashionista is in – Jumping the gun for spring 2010

A quick trend round-up of what’s on the runway.

The Fashionista is in - Jumping the gun for spring 2010

by Kara Nesvig

You know I wanted to write this column about the epidemic that refuses to cease âÄì leggings as pants âÄì but IâÄôve made my opinion on this subject perfectly clear. (If youâÄôre interested, it can be found in a column from last year.) WeâÄôre in the thick of Paris Fashion Week as I write this, which means my Google reader is full of runway updates from and enviably chic shots of editors and stylists from Jak & Jill and Garance Dore. To say I wish I was there would be an understatement, but I canâÄôt imagine what IâÄôd wear! The spring shows are delightful (for the most part) from New York to Milan to Paris and I thought IâÄôd recap some of the major trends stalking the runway. is touting gray lipstick as a major trend for the springtime. I know youâÄôre thinking, as I did, âÄúGray?âÄù But thatâÄôs where we fail as visualizers, dears. The grays that makeup brands like YSL and MAC are showing are ashy nudes that will have me stalking the MAC counter until I can try one out. Standout must-haves: 1. The slouchy trouser. Think low-slung, belted, and cropped to just above the ankle. We saw them at Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs and I just snagged a black pair at Belle Reve that IâÄôve been wearing constantly in this transitional weather. The key is to keep them roomy but not baggy. proportion is key, so keep your top half fitted. 2. Color. Michelle Obama fave Jason Wu showed the most delicious cocktail dresses in a gorgeous palette. Coral/orange and bright blue seem to be key colors for spring 2010, so start looking! I loved the pops of orange at Vena Cava and DVF. 3. Prints. Thakoon does prints brilliantly and his collection only showcased that talent. While I know very few of you will pair up your prints and mix and match, I love the way stripes look with floral prints. 4. Sheer. Tons of designers added sheer fabrics to their collections. They were rock âÄônâÄô roll-y at Vera Wang and prettily delicate at Ralph Lauren. Try a top with a sheer inset, but keep it classy. And last but not least, a question from a reader. Love seeing them in my inbox, so please send away. Got a question? Ask me, not Network! IâÄôm nice, I promise. Years ago I bought a denim vest from American Eagle, and it still remains in my closet barely worn because I don’t know what to wear it with. Any suggestions? Or, probably the bigger question is, are denim vests too passé for me to even try to wear? Thanks for your question. It’s a good one. Actually, I’m a big fan of the denim vest IF it’s done right, so I think you can most definitely wear it. I’ve been looking or the perfect one myself. What does your vest look like? Is it sort of ’90s grunge? Lots of zippers? What’s the wash? Since I don’t know what it LOOKS like, here are a few pictures I found of denim vest ensembles that look fresh. Just remember, NO denim on denim, please! I also like the idea of denim vest with a 3/4 length striped shirt, preferably in black-and-white or grey-and-black. Pair your vest with skinny black pants, or knit pencil skirts, even a black dress would work. It’s far more versatile than you might think. HereâÄôs a great shot of Kate Bosworth in denim for inspiration.