Conference makes push for automatic inclusion in BCS

Andrew Cummins

It was only a matter of time. 

The Mountain West Conference is ready to make its case in front of BCS head honchos as to why its teams should be granted an automatic bid in the postseason system, USA Today reports.

The conference had the nation’s only undefeated team, Utah, which still had to meet requirements that other major conference winners don’t have to satisfy to get into the BCS mix.  The winner of the Big Ten, regardless of record, is automatically guaranteed a spot in a BCS bowl game. 

Judging from conference commissioner Craig Thompson’s comments to the paper, it doesn’t seem like he thinks the conference will get its wish. 

"The argument I will hear back (from the BCS) is, ‘Craig, here it is. It’s done. It’s been agreed to. It’s signed,’ " Thompson told the paper. "That doesn’t mean you can’t put it on the table."

An interesting tidbit to share with your friends during trivial conversations: Thompson is an alumnus of the U’s journalism school.