Re-elect the president

President Barack Obama is the clear choice for keeping young Americans off battlefields and in college and jobs. He brought the Iraq war to an end and is drawing down in Afghanistan. He has made college education accessible to hundreds of thousands more students by ending billions of dollars in subsidies to banks and using those savings to double funding for Pell Grants.

Unemployment is now at its lowest level since Obama took office, and his economic recovery program has created over 3.7 million jobs in the private sector. Whether bringing the ailing U.S. auto industry back from the brink, reforming Wall Street, repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” furthering pay equity for women or reforming healthcare, the president tackles complex and sensitive matters head on, many of which have languished unresolved by previous administrations. His administration has expanded stem cell research, improved school nutrition, increased support for veterans, invested in renewable technologies and pushed federal agencies to be green leaders. Should we keep him at the helm for four more years? Absolutely.