Helpful news, hints for U crabby apples during finals

Special Smile

Hello friends! It has been brought to my attention that many of you student types become little crabby apples when finals week hits. This is just unacceptable. I know that life gets a little rough but we need to keep perspective Ö it is only one week in the semester.

So, in trying to make my little difference on this campus I have come up with a fun little bunch of HAPPY NEWS so all my furry and not-so-furry “U” friends can put a little sunshine in their doomy-gloomy day! So, from me to you, enjoy!

Recently, I have noticed a phenomenon that is quite exciting – right here in our Twin Cities. Bunnies. Yes. Bunnies. We now have the cutest little bunnies running around our very own Northrop Mall.

Don’t forget to bring your carrots to class with you so you can feed our fuzzy comrades during the winter months. Not only will you be doing something for others, but also you can have a funny-bunny feeling all day after you feed them! Now that is some serious HAPPY NEWS!

Now, I would hate to bring down our bunny joy, but sometimes in winter it does tend to snow. We do live in Minnesota, after all.

During our last snowstorm I noticed some lovely little snow creatures donning the snowy ground at our school that certainly make up for the cold and wintry precipitation.

Doesn’t it just bring you a little warm fuzzy when you see those cute little snowmen with their little stick arms and top hats?

Well, a little aside from the HAPPY NEWS, I did see a snow penis and testicles set and while it didn’t quite bring a HAPPY NEWS smile to my perky little face, it did bring a laugh and giggle to quite a few students, so I guess that counts as HAPPY NEWS.

On quite another note, I have heard word that one of my cute little friends did have an enormously successful dinner party with about 10 people who left the party happy and content. This leads me to believe that everyone could be happy and content if they throw a dinner party too!

Wipe off that upside-down smile and say: “I will not be brought down by these exams! I will move on with cocktail weenies and small talk!”

I say, as soon as you’re done with finals, get out the cookbook and the nice dishes – everyone needs to use a little china once in a while – and start cooking!

Now that – and it brings a little tear to my eye – is HAPPY NEWS.

One last way to bring yourself out of a dumpy day is to watch a good movie. Not sure what a good movie to watch would be? Well, that’s what Special Smile is here for!

There is a marathon of “A Love Story” playing at the Har Mar Theatre. I have heard reports that this is one of the best movies of all time.

Don’t worry fellas, there is a little action and suspense in it, despite the misleading title. Romance and action = everyone’s happy!

That’s because it’s HAPPY NEWS. Oh the joys of some good times.

Alas, we come to the point in my happy little column when we must gather our thoughts and contemplate on what we’ve learned.

Well kids, I know I’ve learned to appreciate the world around me and not let those silly little finals bring me down.

So, everyone, in honor of HAPPY NEWS do the following this week:

Hug your test-taking neighbor when you get to your final and then when you finish and again right before you leave. You may make a new friend and improve someone’s day in the process Ö. HAPPY NEWS.

Special Smile wants YOU to have a Super Great Day! Oh you!