Dr. Date: My boyfriend gave me a weed-themed gift in front of my parents

My parents are pissed. Do I have to dump him?


by Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

I’ll just say it — I’m a stoner (this column is anonymous, right?). I met most of my friends at smoke spots, my boyfriend and I bonded over a joint at a party, my dealer and I are practically BFFs … most people in my life have something to do with marijuana. It’s not my whole life (I’m still making the Dean’s List and working two jobs, I don’t just sit around smoking!), but it’s a big part of it. 

It was my birthday last week, and my boyfriend came over to my parents’ house to celebrate with my family. We decided we would do presents all together, so he brought my gift to open in front of my parents. Because of this, you would think it would be family-friendly, right?

WRONG. I unwrapped it to see a lamp — shaped like a bong! I tried to shove it in a nearby bag in horror, but my parents definitely thought it was a real bong, even from the first glance. They’re super anti-drug (my dad was the head of his D.A.R.E. chapter in college) and anything even relating to weed is like, the worst thing in the world. My boyfriend was cracking up, but I was absolutely humiliated the entire night.

My parents reamed me out about drugs, told me to break up with my boyfriend and said they’ll never accept him in their house again. Honestly, I’m considering it! Is this worth ending a relationship over, or are they being too blunt?


Weed Him Out

Dear Weed Him Out,

Yeah, he was definitely in the wrong here. Gag gifts are funny in front of friends, but he should have known better! You don’t necessarily have to break up with him, but if you see this relationship lasting he has to repair things with you AND your parents. Just make sure it’s not marijuana-related — with his track record, you gotta be careful.


Dr. Date