University deserves peace on campus

Mari Smith

Last week, my son and his friend were brutally attacked while coming to the aid of a woman being assaulted by her so-called âÄúboyfriend.âÄù This creep then summoned a gang of six to eight men who overpowered them, kicked my son repeatedly in the head and broke his friendâÄôs jaw. This was not only physically harmful, but amounted to a setback in their education as they physically recover. To the attackers: You are cowards. As University of Minnesota alumni and with both a son and a daughter on the Twin Cities campus, I feel something has to give. Our children deserve an education in an environment that is peaceful, not one with fear and hate. Incredibly, this girl lacked self esteem so much that she left with her attacker and did not even thank the two heroes who came to her rescue. They put their lives on the line to stand up for her. It is time that each and every one of us takes a stand against campus violence. If we all say âÄúnoâÄù to this type of aggressive behavior and report it, we can change the environment at the University. Our children should be able to receive a college education in peace. Mari Smith Concerned mother and University alumna