Daily Digest: Bike sharing, Chief Judge, Stem Cell research

by Lisa Zehner

Bike-sharing: The weather is starting to get nicer (except for the fact we are getting a big storm tomorrow), and the University of Minnesota along with Minneapolis are set to unveil a bicycle sharing program on Tuesday, the Star Tribune reports. The program could put 1,000 bikes on the street just in time for spring. The Oak Street Parking Ramp will soon have a bike center in it. Here is the University’s release on the event tomorrow.

Chief Judge visists U: A chief judge in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Texas and a potential U.S. Supreme Court nominee is speaking at the University’s Law School today, Star Tribune reports. Judge Edith Jones will discuss the topic of "The Influence of Richard John Neuhaus on Religion in the Public Square." Hurry up if you want to catch it. The speech started at 12:15 p.m.

University pays asbestos fine: The University of Minnesota has agreed to pay $60,000 for two asbestos violations that happened in 2007, according to Mesotheliomaweb.com. Here is the Daily story from February for more details.

Stem cell order: MPR reports that Obama’s stem cell order that lifts the former limits on using federal money for embryonic stem cell research is likely to impact University research, especially the Stem Cell Institute. The Daily will have a follow up on this shortly. Look for updates later on the Web. Listen to Cathy Wurzer’s interview with Dr. Jonathan Slack, the director at the Institute: