Street style: It’s 60 degrees in November!

Sweater Weather was overplayed, anyway.

Street style: It's 60 degrees in November!

Gunthar Reising

Some might see the warm weather this November as indisputable evidence for anthropogenic climate change. Instead, see it as an opportunity to look fly as hell in the face of the Armageddon.

These outfits scream, “I got my pumpkin-spiced latte iced.” They showcase the best of a Minnesota fall while still claiming the warm weather as their own.

Scarfs, vests, rugged boots and more scarfs — it’s a great time to be alive. Don’t let those mid-November blues grab hold of you! The weather’s good, so look good and feel good.

Laila Bour, 18

Freshman at Bethel University

Bour sat on the Stone Arch Bridge with a violin in hand, playing learnt-by-ear pieces from Suzuki Violin School, Volume 1. She was a true gift to the warm Saturday afternoon.

Beginning from the top with a gray felt “hipster hat” and heart- shaped sunglasses, Bour was nothing if not the long lost daughter of Beck.

She finished off her elegant ensemble with a gray cardigan, a white lace top and Earth Spirit boots.

Ashley Tinguely, 22

Wholesale account and marketing intern at M?glea

It was beautiful serendipity that A&E managed to spot Tinguely on Saturday since she was educated in the art of fashion.

Tinguely’s outfit had the poise of a nonchalant hipster.

Tinguely donned an enormous Target scarf and a jacket found in a garage sale in an Iowa town of only 2,000.

The real flavor of the outfit, however, was her black and gray leather Raven and Lily backpack.

Patrick Faunillan, 25

Student registered nurse anesthetist at Minneapolis School of Anesthesia

The most striking feature of Faunillan’s fratty-yet-functional getup was the North Face vest. Faunillan admits he got it in Vietnam while on a mission trip, so it might be fake. A&E forgives you, Patrick. Keep helping others!

His orange shirt is Banana Republic, his jeans are Levi’s and shoes are Sperry’s. Put it all together and you get a strong, independent young adult looking the future in the face.

Marco Castro-Bojorquez, 48

Filmmaker and activist

Castro-Bojorquez doesn’t always dress like this. As a filmmaker from L.A., Castro-Bojorquez said he wanted to channel his inner “Fargo”while in Minneapolis for the Cine Latino Film Festival.

While his film, “El Canto del Colibri” (The Hummingbird’s Song) — a documentary exploring the relationships between Latino immigrant fathers and their LGBTQ family members — is the “obra verdad,” his outfit is no slouch.

Castro-Bojorquez’s scarf was handmade by his friend’s grandmother, his blazer is from J. Crew, his backpack is FTS and his boots are from a secondhand store in L.A. Castro-Bojorquez is a how-to-guide on being a chic filmmaker.