Jones to testify at his own trial

Jury selection begins today and may continue Wednesday. Opening statements are to begin Thursday.

Emma Carew

Former Gopher football player Dominic Jones will testify at his third-degree criminal sexual conduct trial, his lawyer Earl Gray confirmed Monday, as the trial began with little fanfare or progress.

Most of the morning focused on last-minute motions filed by the state and the preliminary stages of jury selection.

In addressing a four-part motion filed by the state, both sides and Hennepin County Judge Marilyn Rosenbaum agreed some clarification to the jury regarding the victim’s trip to Regions Hospital for a sexual assault examination would be necessary.

The victim sought medical attention because she believed she’d been sexually assaulted, but had no knowledge at that time that Jones had been a part of the alleged assault, Gray said.

It would create unfair bias against Jones if the jury believed the medical attention was sought in connection to his alleged conduct, Gray said.

Neither Rosenbaum nor the team representing the state had any immediate solutions, but Rosenbaum said she’d try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Thirty-five potential jurors were called midmorning and sworn in under oath.

Rosenbaum reviewed the case with potential jurors, reading directly from the complaint, and established the burden of proof placed on the state.

The judge also told jurors that the prosecution, the defense and she intend to keep the trial’s length less than two weeks.

Rosenbaum advised the jurors to avoid and ignore any media coverage of the trial.

Gray refused to comment on the jury selection or the trial when the court recessed for the day, and said Rosenbaum had ordered the lawyers not to comment to the media on the case.

Jury selection begins today and may continue Wednesday. Opening statements are currently scheduled to begin Thursday.

Emma Carew is a senior staff reporter.