Ketola’s logic doesn’t work if extended

I have two wonderful children from my own body. I’m a breeder, so what?

This is in response to Jason Ketola’s “Think first before giving birth” column on Nov. 9.

“In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ” George Orwell

Yes, there are disadvantaged children out there. Yes, yes, yes.?We can’t all be Angelina Jolie. I appreciate what Ketola says, but I hope he doesn’t think that just because he hasn’t had children of his own that he can pass judgment on those that actually are married, had sex, got pregnant, gave birth and are currently raising their own children. I’m the proud mother of two wonderful children ” from my own body. I’m a breeder, so what?

Ketola tries to simplify the situation in a very glossed-over way that I don’t appreciate. Think about it. Let’s consider his argument. Essentially, if I apply this to his education, it equates to this: He’s affording a good education by attending the University. Why not allow some disadvantaged youth from a Third World country to use his scholarship/tuition money so he/she can get a good college education instead? That would be fair, according to his train of thought. If not, Ketola is guilty of being selfish. Ketola might have a friend who can’t get a date. Why not share his girlfriend with him since he’s “suffering” without being able to get a date? What Ketola is saying equates to saying his success in getting a date/girlfriend is very selfish if he doesn’t share.

I’m not responsible for the out-of-control population in the world, and I’m not making anyone suffer because I chose to have my own children. I do realize children need to be adopted, but don’t bash people who do have children just because it is convenient for those who don’t. Ketola is young; what he says makes sense to him. What is going to happen when his girlfriend or future wife wants children of her own??How will he feel then?

I have my own children and do not expect them to be the next “Mohandas Gandhi” ever. I don’t know why anyone would be so foolish as to think that a child is only as useful as his/her fame. Having my own children does not mean that I do not “make a difference in the world right now.”

Patricia Banttari is a University student. Please send comments to [email protected]