Hearings held for Downtown East Commons

by Nick Wicker

The City of Minneapolis will hold a series of public hearings regarding a park near the new Vikings Stadium in Downtown East. The first of these meetings occurred Tuesday, according to the Star Tribune.

  Minnesota Public Radio reported that the public will have only limited access to the park when it is completed, as the Minnesota Vikings will reserve the park for up to four months every year.

The park will occupy 4.2 acres in two separate but adjacent blocks downtown and will cost about $15 million, the Star Tribune reported.

Construction of the park’s first phase will end in late summer of 2016, and a second phase will be completed before the 2018 Superbowl, according to the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

“It’s just a light rail stop away for students,” said Ward 3 Councilman Jacob Frey in an interview last week. “If they want an opportunity to kick a soccer ball or throw a Frisbee or make out on a park bench it probably will be a good place to go.”