Cities respond to river crest

The National Weather Service’s reported crest will not cause Fargo-Moorhead to relax flood efforts.

Fargo, N.D. âÄì City officials of both Fargo and Moorhead are not letting down their guard despite the National Weather Service’s report that the Red River has crested at 40.8 feet. Fargo Deputy Mayor Tim Mahoney said the city will not relax its guard because the NWS has adjusted its calculations many times. He said Fargo is in a âÄúwatch and respond mode.âÄù âÄúWe don’t think the river has crested,âÄù Mahoney said. Moorhead City Manager Michael Redlinger announced Saturday that the focus of the city will be to assess the work done so far. âÄúWe did get some good news today âĦ it’s something that leaves us with some optimism, but we still want to be cautious, we want to make sure we are being proactive,âÄù he said. Fargo City Administrator Patrick Zavoral shared a timeline of river predictions received starting in February to support the decision to wait and see if this is truly the river’s crest. Zavoral said in February the river had a 50 percent chance of reaching 30 feet. On March 13, a report predicted a 34-foot crest in mid-April. Four days later, the river’s crest was expected to measure 36 to 40 feet. On March 18, that prediction increased to a 39- to 41-foot crest expected on March 28, he said. Officials of both cities said levees will continue to be monitored and reinforced until the decline of the river is more certain.