Would students benefit from professional health advice?

I have enjoyed reading the Minnesota Daily as a source of local news. The paper is done very well, and the story range is impressive. 
However, one key area in which the paper is lacking is the Dr. Date advice column.
I don’t know whether Dr. Date writes more in a personal response to the letters people send, but I have found most published replies inadequate. 
The space has been filled with unprofessional innuendos or movie references. Dr. Date seems to be more concerned with being funny than with helping readers deal with difficult situations. There are few instances of actual conflict resolution techniques or sound sexual health advice. 
In college, students develop the ways they handle complex relationships. Reading proven, real-world techniques to deal with roommates, significant others and the dating world would be more beneficial than reading another 20-year-old’s opinion. 
Dr. Date, I’m sure that in your friend circle, you’re a great person to go to for advice, but perhaps someone with a degree would do better in advising a whole college campus. 
Danielle Stacey
University student