Wean the University off of coal

by Sam Cook

I recently picked up The Minnesota Daily and read the article, âÄúGophers dig coal despite being so green.âÄù As an environmentally-minded student, I was very excited to see the topic of on-campus coal power getting press. Siri SimonsâÄô quote about putting what we are being âÄútaught in the classroomâÄù to work on campus, in particular, rang very true for me. The amount of pollution being generated by the on-campus coal plants seems both avoidable and frightening, especially for such a progressive campus. The way the University of Minnesota generates its power is obviously a complex issue. No one expects this to be solved overnight, but as a student IâÄôd like to know the University has a plan to get us off coal as soon as possible. Sam Cook, University undergraduate student