Ice cream politics

Being a politically-minded student of this university, I find the Wellstone Ben & Jerry’s visit to campus (“Wellstone women, Ben & Jerry’s court voters,” Oct. 23) offensive and degrading to students.

Whatever one’s political affiliation might be, it was ridiculous for these people to come and give ice cream as a reward for commitments to voting. Ideas and notions of this student populace cannot be bought nor induced by ice cream. If they could, that would show a severe impairment in the thinking ability of university students.

The presumption by the Wellstones and Ben & Jerry’s – that bringing ice cream will change the thinking on this campus – is convoluted and insulting. I find it reminiscent of high school elections where rewards were given when students would vote for a candidate.

Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone’s political beliefs should be enough for students to make an intelligent voting decision. All students on this campus are cognitive beings, and no amount of ice cream or candy should sway our political ideas.

If the Wellstones came back to this campus, I hope they would show more respect for students and treat us as they would any other constituent.

David Nordsletten, sophomore, biomedical engineering