Street style: Art isn’t the only thing blooming at Mia

Attendees of Mia’s annual “Art in Bloom” pulled out their best spring looks this weekend.

Katie Loop, Veronica Min, Lea Davidson and Nico Moore pose for portraits at the Minneapolis Institute of Art on Saturday, April 13.

Andy Kosier

Katie Loop, Veronica Min, Lea Davidson and Nico Moore pose for portraits at the Minneapolis Institute of Art on Saturday, April 13.

by Ksenia Gorinshteyn

The brief taste of spring in Minneapolis had everyone showing off their favorite spring looks before digging out their winter jackets again. 

Still, some weren’t ready to give the florals up so soon.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art’s annual “Art in Bloom,” which ran this weekend, gave everyone the chance to proudly wear spring outfits in the face of those few inches of snow on the ground.

The art had its own spring accessories to show off, paired with over 160 floral arrangements throughout the museum. This, coupled with the fashion, made for a beautiful scene at Mia.

A&E scouted out some of the best looks of the weekend.

Katie Loop

What they wore: Skirt thrifted from Savers, boots and cardigan thrifted, shirt from Amazon

How could that long, maroon skirt not catch your eye? A thrifted gem from Savers, Loop pulled the look together with a graphic tee that gives kids great economic advice: “Sell your soul!” Her dark blue hair compliments the maroon of the skirt and elicits the big question — “are you an alien?” — from kids. Her answer? “I always say yes.”

Lea Davidson

What they wore: Jumpsuit made for her in Tanzania, denim jacket from Everyday People Clothing Exchange

The bright pattern of Davidson’s jumpsuit is exactly the kind of color we need for spring. It’s fun, unique and looked beautiful next to some flowers. The denim jacket served as a stylish reminder that there was, in fact, still some snow on the ground. This didn’t stop Davidson from wearing her favorite spring piece — some cropped pants.

Veronica Min

What they wore: Jacket from a shop in Rochester, dress from Galleria, hat handmade by Min

It’s safe to say that Veronica Min was the style icon of Mia’s “Art in Bloom” this year. Her hat, adorned with flowers, was handmade by Min herself; it matched her silk jacket perfectly. The deep pinks, blues and purples matched some of the floral arrangements at the event, too.

Nico Moore

What they wore: Glasses from Amazon, jacket and pants from Savers, sweater from Earthbound Trading Company

Moore says his favorite stand-out piece he owns is definitely the glasses he wore. They are the cherry on top of this wonderful monochromatic look. His jacket is personalized with a patch he created that combines an “M” and a heart to symbolize the phrase “Moore Love.” The small details are everything.