Inadequate health care coverage

by Madeline Daniels

Noticeably absent from The Minnesota DailyâÄôs Nov. 9 publication was an article on the House of RepresentativeâÄôs Saturday night passage of the health care reform bill. The only mention was an editorial that made the unfounded argument that Congress should have spent more time debating the issue; in actuality, the health care debate has lasted for over 20 years. When a paper denies readers the most basic of information regarding significant public interest issues, it fails to uphold its democratic responsibilities as a member of the free press. The Daily plays a large role in informing students and the rest of the University community about important news, and we use this information when developing our own opinions and behaviors. It is important that you remain mindful of this role when deciding what articles you will be printing. The debate over health care reform affects all Americans, and SaturdayâÄôs vote was a major turning point. As the bill moves into the Senate, there is sure to be a lot more discussion and debate regarding the issue. I sincerely hope that throughout this process the Daily will step up its coverage on reform by reporting on the issue fairly and frequently. Madeline Daniels University undergraduate student