Brochure designed to entice college students to vote

Now a group that traditionally doesn’t vote has another resource to help them take part in democracy.
Minnesota Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer released a brochure in mid-January about voting for college students.
The brochure, available through the secretary of state’s office, highlights details of the voting process of which new voters might not be aware.
“It’s important to get involved in citizenship activities at a young age,” Kiffmeyer said. “But I’ve found that young people often don’t know exactly how to take the first step and therefore become discouraged.”
The brochure includes a voter registration form, as well as discusses voting eligibility, first-time voting, how and where to vote and absentee ballots.
“I hope the new brochure will help college students to overcome obstacles to becoming involved and will give them ideas about ways they might become active citizens, even beyond just voting,” Kiffmeyer said.
Copies of the brochure are available at (651) 297-5845 or [email protected].

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