Fur: not in fashion during winter or any other season

In response to Stephanie NusserâÄôs Nov. 18, 2010 Minnesota Daily article âÄúWake up for winter,âÄù all I can say is wearing real fur is seriously creepy!
The recommendation in your âÄúhow-to guide for winter fashionâÄù that âÄúa fur coat is always classyâÄù unfortunately reeks not of real fashion but of the plasticy, big-budget desperation of the Sex in the City movies.
The larger point here, I think, is that awareness of where our consumer goods come from and what happens to them after weâÄôre finished with them is now integral to the subtle language of fashion.
Is it âÄúclassyâÄù not to recycle? Is it cool to throw live animals into the garbage? To wear clothes made by actual slaves? To slather your face with cosmetics packed with endocrine-disrupting chemicals that will eventually find their way into our water supply?
Yeah, I didnâÄôt think so.
IâÄôll admit that IâÄôm just shallow enough that when I see someone being lackadaisical about the effects of their fashion choices on the people and animals in the world around us, the thought that runs through my mind is not âÄúHey, thatâÄôs class!âÄù In fact, itâÄôs quite the opposite.
While shopping ethically does take a littleeffort and research, wearing fur is such a blatantly bad and unnecessary choice that itâÄôs more or less like draping a flashing neon sign around your neck that says, âÄúIâÄôm in a really insecure stage of life where IâÄôm too desperately self-conscious about my own self-worth to have ethics or even a real personality.âÄù
There are lots of ways to work out our self-image issues that donâÄôt involve electrocuting foxes, stomping on minksâÄô heads or skinning dogs alive.