Fees still an issue for grad students

The University could work more with grad students to make paying fees easier.

The 2013 Graduate and Professional Student Survey released last week by the Council of Graduate Students found that many students struggle to pay tuition, fees and living expenses.

About 65 percent of respondents said paying student fees is a burden.

One graduate student told the Minnesota Daily it would be better if the University of Minnesota deducted student fees from students’ paychecks.

The University could develop a payroll deduction system for those in paid teaching or research assistant positions.

Universities like Georgia State, Washington State and Stanford offer payroll deduction services to students that cover some mandatory fees.

Stanford’s option targets student workers, specifically graduate students who work teaching or research assistant jobs. GSU is piloting its system this fall and only includes full-time graduate assistantships. These services seem to be a new trend for universities nationwide.

Though this option may have a minimum balance and other eligibility requirements, a payroll deduction option allows graduate students to pay fees over time without significant fees.

This differs from the extended payment plan the University offers all students that includes installment or re-billing charges.

Student fees continue to burden graduate and professional students. The University should consider developing an option that works with students’ schedules and finances to help them pay student fees.