Thief robs cab driver with gun, eludes police

by Elizabeth Bogut

Police are searching for a suspect connected with the robbery of a cab driver Sunday night near the SuperAmerica gas station at Bedford Street and University Avenue.
The cab driver, Abdirahman Hussein, 33, told police that he was robbed at knifepoint and gunpoint after responding to a call to pick up a customer.
According to police reports, the suspect took $170 out of Hussein’s cab, $20 from his wallet and the cab itself, a 1993 yellow Ford Crown Victoria.

In other police news:
ù Police are looking for the victim and suspects in a robbery that occurred the evening of Aug. 4 near Cedar and Franklin avenues.
Arlene Gurno reported the incident Thursday and told police she was robbed by two known suspects and that she could identify them if necessary.
The suspects stole Gurno’s wallet, identification, silver and gold watch and $380 in cash, according to the police report.
Although Gurno told police she could name the suspects, she has not come forward since the robbery occurred. Police have been unable to locate her since the report was filed.

ù A burglar entered the Mayo Memorial Building on July 30 and used equipment without permission.
The suspect entered the building, used computers in two rooms and a copy machine in another after turning a security camera in the corner of the room face down.

ù A 33-year-old Minneapolis man reported an assault last Friday that occurred at an apartment complex on Cedar and Riverside avenues.
Girmay Abraha told police that he was threatened with a knife because he refused to leave the assailant’s apartment.
No suspects are in custody.

ù A burglar attempted to break into a locked freezer in Coffman Union last Wednesday.
According to police reports, several keys were stolen. Police are conducting further investigation on the burglary.