Daily Digest: ‘U’ master plan, practice court fundraising

Mike Rose

Hello folks, and welcome to a Wednesday edition of the Daily Digest. By the way, out of simple curiosity, do you think you could handle 10 fancy-schmancy balls in one evening? That might have been the biggest challenge Obama will face during his whole presidency…that’s a lot of dancing. Ok, on to the news: *As reported by local media source The Bridge here, the University’s forthcoming master plan will likely have considerable focus on boundary issues, as area residents have long requested the ‘U’ be more specific about how it plans to expand. A draft of the master plan, which essentially lays out future plans and goals for the University, is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Joel Maturi with Tubby Smith and football coach Tim Brewster Source: gophersports.com

*The basketball practice court that Tubby Smith has wanted since he arrived on campus may be inching forward a bit, The Star Tribune reports. While formal plans are a long way off, and a proposed new baseball stadium remains a high priority, athletic director Joel Maturi said fundraising for the facility will begin by January 2010. The practice court would be located near Williams Arena and would be used by both men’s and women’s teams. *Lastly, just a few tidbits from the "I thought this was interesting so I’ll share" file: The New York Times has some really cool panoramas of yesterday’s inauguration that are worth checking out and a shot of Obama on stage, where you can scroll over all the Senators and guests behind him and see who’s who. Neat stuff, Times. Also, you may want to check out front pages from across the world covering the historic day, which you can do via Newseum.