We, too, live in neighborhoods

Nonstudent residents should recognize the importance of their student-neighbors.

The Marcy-Holmes neighborhood is composed of approximately 75 percent students. The Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association needs to become more representative of its neighborhood’s population.

At the moment, students who live in Marcy-Holmes have no voice in the affairs of the organization. There is a single position available for a student liaison to serve on the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. The single permanent voice offered to students is disproportionate to the amount of students who make up the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood. At least 50 percent of the people who attend the meetings should be students considering that approximately 75 percent of the residents actually are. The organization decides many important things that affect students in the neighborhood, such as whether to object to liquor licenses for businesses in Dinkytown. The association also talks about crime in the neighborhood and formulates strategies and awareness for crime prevention. According to the 2000 census, resident ownership in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood makes up only about 12 percent of residences. Others who reside in the area are renting property, and this group is mostly students. Some of the residents of Marcy-Holmes who own houses don’t even consider that the student-renters should be better incorporated into the decisions that the neighborhood organization makes.

What the neighborhood needs first is a strong student liaison. Though the position is the only permanent one, it may offer an inlet for other students to become aware. If a student-resident of Marcy-Holmes is looking to become more involved in their new homeland, but they don’t have the time to take on the position of student liaison, they should make an effort to attend Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association meetings, which are open to the public, along with some proof that they members of the neighborhood. Meeting schedules and agendas are always available online at www.marcy-holmes.org. Nonstudent residents should recognize the abundance and (what should be) importance of their student neighbors.