See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

For too long, this has been the motto of too many people. As a result, if we see evil being done, we ignore it in the hopes that if our eyes become blind, then evil will disappear. If we hear evil being committed, we turn deaf in the hopes that deaf ears will beget pure acts. If surrounded by evil, we somehow assume that our silence is a triumph over it instead of what it truly is — acquiescence.
The time has come for change.
The caste system, prevalent especially within the Hindu communities in Southeast Asia, is a restraining social hierarchy based solely upon birth. It heavily relies on ancestral
occupations and, although correlated with, is not affected by socio-economic status. Intermingling with other castes is often looked down upon, especially with the lower “untouchable” castes, who are even denied basic human rights in some cases.
This is a system that was initially designed in part to differentiate between people and their respective careers. Now, it often results in discrimination, honor killings and inequality of freedoms. It also hinders the progress of society overall.
We need to raise awareness of caste-based discrimination, provide a platform to speak up against any form of cultural injustice committed and provide an environment conducive to charities that advocate affirmative action-based remedies to casteism.