Style of the union

by Aaron Leth

Looking back over the last few months – well, since Jan. 3 – and keeping a finger on the pulse of the political battles being waged as the primary season continues, I’m slightly baffled. Now, I strive to be an informed voter, keen on the “issues” and knowing who stands where, because as I’ve said before, you can be stylish on the outside only to open your mouth (“Let’s get fired up!”) and be so lackluster it’s frightening. So many times this phenomenon happens on the campaign trail, but I can’t help but wonder: Who would bring the most style to the White House?

Let’s start from the ground up, shall we? The person to bring the least style would definitely be the McCain clan. I mean, he would play it so straight-laced, Men’s Wearhouse just like his predecessors, never really straying to add any pizzazz to those red ties and navy suits. Red, white and blue for the prez? Groundbreaking. Johnny Appleseed does have one thing going for him: his sidekicks, wife Cindy – who’s reported to be sitting on a fortune worth close to $100 million – and his daughter Meghan, who from the looks of AP photos is merely a shot, skip and a snort away from Promises. To be honest, though, all that moola could buy some sleek Goyard totes splashed with a hot double-M monogram.

When Tim Gunn visited the Twin Cities to tout his Liz Claiborne creative cred at Ö Herberger’s Ö a reporter asked him the same question I’m posing here. His answer? A none-too-surprising Michelle Obama. I think Obama could ba-ROCK some risky fashion items, too, opting not for the traditional Brooks Brothers at inauguration, but rather Gucci black suit perchance? LOVE it! And Michelle: she is FEROCIOUS! What, with those tights and stilettos and perfect bob, shiny jewelry and the red-state lipstick? And well, those daughters of his – talk about style icons in the making. Forget Suri Cruise and Cruz Beckham. Say hello to Malia and Sasha Obama!

As they say, though, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, which brings us to the top of the style heap: Hillary Clinton.

I can just hear the moaning, but let me state my case. First, she was the only first lady ever to appear in Vogue magazine, and you all know my feelings on Vogue, aka the bible. Second, girlfriend doesn’t even employ a stylist. Oh yeah! All that professional style comes from none other than her ol’ helmet-haired noggin. And finally, she’s the only one who knows what does and doesn’t fly in the marble halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. After all, Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera are oft-consulted couturiers for the White House women. Lest we forget, as well, that she was the only first lady to ever receive an office in the prestigious West Wing. Remember that ABC drama with Geena Davis as Madame President? That dog-and-pony sideshow had nothing on what we could see from Mrs. Clinton.

So, my vixens, while we might not know what the next months hold in the style parade of primaries and conventions, we can probably agree that no matter who makes it to Casablanca come January, the style quotient will undoubtedly skyrocket compared to that of the past eight years. To end, an open letter to the Hill herself:

Dear Hillary,
When you make it, please introduce a new position to the cabinet: secretary of style. It certainly wouldn’t be hard for the right person, and well, the right person is right here. Just throwing it out there Ö


P.S. Hey to Chels!

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