Implementation team hears dept. concerns

Some are concerned that six weeks will not be enough time to present findings to the Provost.

The Graduate School Implementation Team began gathering information on how departments could be affected by the schoolâÄôs restructuring at their second meeting Friday. Director of Graduate Admissions Dean Tsantir and Director of Student Services Karen Starry addressed their departmentsâÄô current functions at the committeeâÄôs second meeting and how they could be affected by the Graduate School reconstruction. College of Liberal Arts Dean Jim Parente oversaw the meeting, since the committee’s chair, Institute of Technology Dean Steven Crouch, is out of town. âÄúThis is the very beginning of what we imagine to be a series of conversations with people in the Graduate School itself,âÄù Parente said. Tsantir said the meeting went well and that he appreciated the team asking him to give a presentation. Graduate and Professional Student Assembly President Kristi Kremers, who participated in the meeting by conference call since she is out of the state, said she learned a lot about the depth of what the Graduate School does, but she is concerned about the six-week time frame the team has been given to make recommendations to the ProvostâÄôs Office. âÄúIt definitely raises some red flags for me that we have such a short time to look at this process,âÄù Kremers said. âÄúIt is still vitally important to the 14,000 students that use the services.âÄù University of Minnesota spokesman Daniel Wolter , however, said that if the team strongly feels they need more time, their wish will be respected. âÄúThe goal is to do it right, not to do it quick,âÄù Wolter said. The committee will be holding an open meeting on Wednesday, Parente said. The previous meetings have been closed to the media and public. Parente said he expects the time and place of the meeting to be announced by e-mail to Graduate School faculty, staff and students on Monday.