Gophers duo proves valuable this season

Kelly Terry and Dani Cameranesi have played on the same line all year.

by Betsy Helfand

Gophers head coach Brad Frost has been toying with his lines lately, trying to find the best combinations of forwards.

“We have this motto where ‘If it’s not broken, keep fixing it so it doesn’t break,’ so that was the whole deal with changing the lines up,” freshman forward Dani Cameranesi said.

A constant that hasn’t changed is the combination of Cameranesi and senior forward Kelly Terry.

The two played with freshman forward Kate Schipper earlier in the year and have been playing with senior forward Bethany Brausen lately.

Terry said sticking with Cameranesi while the line changes have been going on has been the “best of both worlds.”

“We get to try other things throughout at the team, but at the same time, sticking with Dani has been great,” Terry said. “We keep developing and feeding off each other.”

A big point in the duo’s chemistry development has been their communication.

Terry, an alternate captain on the team, has been working to help Cameranesi become more vocal on and off the ice.

“I only really call for it when I really want the puck, but they’re kind of teaching me to call for it at all times,” Cameranesi said.

She said she was quiet in high school, too.

While the communication process has been gradual for Cameranesi, she’s gotten the hang of it this season.

Terry said Cameranesi is actually “very vocal” on the ice, but they’ve been working on talking more in between shifts and periods.

“Now she wants me to start communicating with her more about where she should go at some times,” Cameranesi said.

But because the two have been playing together all year, Terry said being able to direct each other has become more mutual.

The two also have similar strengths, which makes playing together easier.

Among those strengths is speed.

Frost said he thought Terry was the team’s fastest player and Cameranesi was probably in the top three.

Terry said speed is great for them when they have a breakout or when she has the puck on the rush.

“I’m expecting to be totally alone, and I look over, and Dani’s right there crashing the net,” Terry said.

Terry said Cameranesi knows how to use her speed while she is using hers. And, at this point in the season, Cameranesi said it is getting easier to anticipate where the other is going to be on the ice.

Frost said the duo’s speed and tenacity on the forecheck has helped the two create scoring opportunities.

Terry is tied for second in the NCAA with 12 goals this season. Cameranesi leads the team with 80 shots on goal.

“They’re not going to score a ton of really fancy goals with their hands, but they are going to generate a ton of offensive opportunities and then bang things home when they get those,” Frost said.

So far, they’ve been doing just that for the Gophers.