A dangerous intersection

by Lucas Whelan, University student

Confusion is a feeling normally reserved for lecture classes. However, if you have class in Hanson Hall and are planning to cross South 4th Street to the Carlson School of Management after class, be ready for even more confusion. 
All over campus, there are stoplights, stop signs and crosswalks in heavily traveled areas. However, this intersection is devoid of these basic necessities. Although I am happy to announce that I have never heard of any students being struck by a car in the intersection, I fear our luck will not last forever.
Countless times I have watched distracted students cross the road simply because other people are crossing the road. Quite often, students wearing noise-canceling headphones and staring at their phones fail to even lift their heads up to see if a car is approaching. 
This is why the intersection between Carlson and Hanson is so dangerous. Combine the lack of signage and signals with students’ blatant disregard for smart street crossings, and you are left with a perfect storm.
This intersection is a very obvious place to put a stop sign or a crosswalk. The reason I see so many students walk in front of cars, or cars slowing down for no reason in this intersection, is simply due to the lack of signage and signals. 
I am normally not one to ask for more rules and regulations, but in this case I urge the University of Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis to put in either a stop sign or a crosswalk at this intersection to ensure students’ safety.