Student workers struggling, too

Yesterday over a dozen of students were let go from their job in Carlson School of Management building. Unfortunately, I was one of them also. Although, many people are losing their jobs, I felt that this situation was very unfair. I’ve been working at Blecker’s Street for almost two years now and have always loved my job. I got to interact with other students and many regulars. I was working off of work-study which I felt would help me keep my job because the company didnt have to pay me out of pocket. However, just recently, Blecker’s street decided to close at 4pm (starting Monday Feb. 23rd) and because of that, they have to restructure all of the hours. It happened so that we were already overstaffed and Blecker’s has been thinking of cutting people earlier. It all happened very fast and I wish they would have at least let us know in advance because I didnt find out about losing my job until finishing up my shift on Wednesday the 18th. Most of the students were let go, because non-student staff had to be kept for Zoca, Grille, and Blecker’s street. I was very confused that so many students were let go at the same time and that even work-study didn’t save me. The whole situation is very upsetting because students are struggling as it is, and even campus jobs aren’t safe as I thought they would be. I am going to miss working there, all of the people and the job itself. I also lost some income which is very critical in today’s economy. Luckily, I have another job that I can turn to, but what about other students that relyed on that job to pay their bills? Varya Moukhatcheva University Student