Get sprung

by Joe Kellen


I don't care if I'm jumping the shark here. Yesterday, I walked outside without a coat on and realized that while we ain’t outta the winter woods yet—what with the insane blizzards the nation has been experiencing—ol’ mother nature is giving us a taste of the sun to come. Since we're entering the third month in our Gregorian calendar, here are three songs you ought to add to your springtime playlist to get pumped for the season. What’s a windows-down-music-blastin’ car ride without the music blastin’? Get to it, spring chickens.

"Dancing Song" – Little Comets

Little Comets, a dancin’ British indie pop outfit, gets upbeat with its “woo-ooh” filled chorus and catchy, crisp guitar hooks. This is an ideal jump-your-ass-off tune and definitely would not sound bad flooding out of a car stereo. Sing-a-long? Probably.

"Jenny" – The Mountain Goats

A classic song from the Durham, NC based singer-songwriter; “Jenny” captures young love, desert sun and the inexplicable power of a Kawasaki motorcycle. John Darnielle pushes us off into the abandon of the “pirate’s life” with his visceral lyricism and earnest delivery. This one is best for a porch-sitting session, watching the snow melt and feeling the day arrive.

"Sunshine" – Atmosphere

It’d really be a shame if I didn't include this one. This seasonal jam is a fan favorite in the Atmosphere catalog, and for good reason. The percussive, simple piano-based beat complements the narrative lyrics to take the listeners on a smooth, sunny journey. Strap on your sneakers, take a walk or break out your bicycle when you listen to this one.