Flames ruin

Liz Bogut

A University student’s car caught fire Nov. 19 while he drove north on Harvard Street Southeast, according to a University Police report.
A University Police officer spotted clouds of white smoke pouring out from underneath the car, the report stated.
“I thought the smoke was just burning oil until I saw the flames,” said University student Terrell Willhite. “It was a total loss.”
The officer directed Willhite into the Washington Avenue Parking Ramp when the automobile began to burn, causing severe damage to the front end of the car, according to the report.
Willhite was not injured, and Minneapolis firefighters extinguished the flames, the report stated.

In other police news:
ù A fight broke out Nov. 18 in front of Sally’s Saloon & Eatery, leaving one man hospitalized, according to a Minneapolis police report.
Two Minneapolis men argued inside the bar, located at 712 Washington Ave. S.E., until the fight escalated into a physical assault outside, the report stated.
After one of the men allegedly hit the second over the head with a beer bottle, the second man gathered two other suspects to join in the assault, according to the report.
The three suspects then assaulted the first man, the report stated. An ambulance brought him to the hospital.
The men are not affiliated with the University.
ù University Police arrested a 19-year-old man for violating a noise ordinance at his southeast Minneapolis home Nov. 20, according to a University Police report.
The report stated that more than 100 people had been drinking at the residence and 20 were involved in a fight.
Four underage drinkers were identified and five kegs were found at the party, according to the report.

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