Feminism is alive while men are dead

Where are the cries of protest for the 18,000 men who killed themselves over domestic disputes?

In the Nick Switala’s Sept. 26 letter to the editor, it was declared that “Feminism is dead.” I believe feminism is alive and men are dead. Most married men end up in divorce court. Most divorced men never see their kids again, yet most men never appeal their cases Ö men are dead. My name is Carol Carpec, and I am the founder and president of menscustodyshelternetwork.com.

My colleagues and I are completely mystified at the prevailing fatalism that men have in this country. Why are men so dead? We are coming to the academic community for the answer.

We are filming a documentary at several universities to determine student’s views on family court issues and to gain your perspective on the current legal landscape. We hope that the University of Minnesota will be well represented so as to fulfill its reputation as an outspoken school.

In the meetings and discussions we have conducted so far this week, we have found that young people are unaware of the civil war that is occurring in courts across this country.

We know that students are working long hours to get their degrees to enter the work force and make their fortunes; yet they seem to have no idea of how quickly all their fortunes will be lost in court. I receive calls and emails from doctors, businessmen and even lawyers that have amassed fortunes which were taken away with the stroke of a divorce judge’s pen.

Our primary concern is not to protect a person’s money but to protect his rights to access his children.

We believe the best parent is both parents. We find that the primary reason most divorced men lose access to their children is that they give up the fight Ö they are dead. Why? Why do so many men opt for suicide rather than appeals court?

Why do men walk away broken in heart and broken financially, especially after laboring for years in college and in the work force?

Students seem proud to travel across the country to protest for the soldiers killed this year in Iraq, but where are the cries of protest for the 18,000 men who killed themselves this year over domestic disputes?

We are looking for some fresh, creative insight especially from such a large college. We find no solace in the current political dialogue.

Dr. Klein, a successful medical doctor, businessman and board certified psychiatrist, has formed an exploratory committee to determine if there is enough interest in family law reform to launch a presidential campaign on an equal custody platform. We believe equal custody is equal rights.

Dr. Mark Klein will speak briefly and then entertain questions and comments from the audience in hopes to gain insight into this divisive issue. Dr. Klein will give a $100 award to whoever gives the best answer to the simple question: “In today’s legal climate is it safe to get married and have children?”

The audience will vote on who gave the best answer.

The filming will be at Coffman Union on the third floor, Room 307, today 6 p.m. Admission and pizza are free. If you wish to speak on camera, please notify us in advance at: (412)829-2278 or [email protected]

In our preliminary research of the current state of affairs in Minnesota, we find that children are hurt by Minnesota family law. Minnesota’s antiquated child custody laws need to be changed.

Minnesota currently has a system of sole physical custody.

This means it is presumed that there has to be a winner and a loser in divorce and custody battles. Sadly, children and fathers are typically the losers.

According to a 2003 Department of Human Services report prepared by the University, sample data showed that mothers were awarded sole physical custody 94 percent of the time, with fathers receiving sole physical custody 6 percent of the time.

Unmarried fathers are presumed to have no rights to their children and must file a lawsuit in court if they want to try to get any rights to parent them.

We believe the removal of a child from a good loving parent is nothing less than child abuse.

What do you believe? Stop by today and tell us.

Carol Carpec is founding president of menscustodyshelternetwork.com. Please send comments to [email protected]