Working hard to address safety

Come to the safety walk tonight, beginning at Coffman Union.

Do you know someone who has been mugged or attacked on campus? I personally have two good friends who unfortunately had to live through this traumatic and horrific experience.

The MSA Facilities, Housing and Transit Committee will be hosting a Safety Walk on Wednesday, April 4 from 7:30 to 9 p.m. We will meet in front of Coffman Union on the north side. St. Paul students, don’t feel left out; we have a group that will assemble in the St. Paul Student Center in the entrance next to the Minnesota Commons Room.

Participants in this walk will include students, University police, Minneapolis police, Facilities and Housing representatives, Marcy-Holmes patrol members and other concerned citizens.

The event will ask participants to examine areas on and off campus, and locate areas that are problematic. The groups will cover the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses as well as parts of Marcy-Holmes neighborhood. The event will conclude at the MSA Office, Room 235 of Coffman Union, for a short discussion about problematic areas, and other concerns and ideas to enhance safety on and off campus. Food will be provided.

Although many on campus might think this event is useless, I believe it provides students with the opportunity to interact with police and University officials and create a better bond as we move to the future.

If we want to efficiently address safety, we must work collectively with these parties. This safety walk is just the beginning of a discussion that is helping to alter the stereotype that all college students are self-centered and are not concerned about the community in which they reside.

I do not contend that this one event will solve all the safety issues currently plaguing our part of the city, but I definitely believe it will be beneficial to all who participate. If there are any further questions about the Safety Walk, feel free to contact the MSA office at (612) 625-9992 or e-mail [email protected]

Adam Engelman is the MSA Facilities, Housing and Transit Chairman. Please send comments to [email protected].