Relocated groups hope for additional bus stop

The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly passed a resolution Monday urging University officials to create a new Campus Connector bus stop in Stadium Village.
An added stop on Oak Street and Washington Avenue would accommodate student organizations and cultural centers forced to relocate because of the Nov. 16 Coffman Union closing.
The centers — including the U Card office, the Minnesota Student Association and GAPSA — will move below Orange Julius and McDonald’s during the union’s two-year renovation. A ground-level kiosk between the fast-food restaurants will direct students to the 15,000-square-foot basement space.
University transportation officials say an extra bus stop is unlikely and would clog the already overcrowded route.
“Adding a stop would aggravate the system,” said Roger Huss, transportation coordinator for University Parking and Transportation Services.
Student group members, however, said they worry about the loss of access and visibility in the new 720 Washington Ave. location. Another stop might alleviate the alienation.
“I think it’s kind of necessary,” said GAPSA President Ben Solomon. “Especially for those who move around in crutches or a wheelchair, it will save a couple of blocks of walking.”
But Huss said another stop would add to the congestion problem. Maintaining the driving time between the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses would also be difficult.

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