More Cartoon Complaints

ThursdayâÄôs cartoon, which I assume you created, was something I found to be tasteless and disgusting. I want you to know that I make an allowance for the fact that this is a student newspaper and, having vivid memories of my own collegiate days, understand that students havenâÄôt quite explored the entire planet at the time they decide to educate the community around them. Like you, I wanted to dazzle the world with my brilliance, and the cleverer and more cutesy-sarcastic the better. But maybe it was a cultural thing with us; we didnâÄôt pick on war heroes and POWs. Senator âÄúMcCaneâÄù had multiple fractures in both of his arms and both shoulders dislocated âÄî probably more than once. ThereâÄôs a bit of grotesqueness to some of his body movements as a result of the injuries and torture that disabled him. However, your decision to find a theme for a comic smirk out of all this leaves me speechless. Contemporary universities fancy themselves to be the citadels, if not the guardians, of âÄúdiversity.âÄù What a bunch of bull. Your idea of diversity is someone who looks like your clone, but maybe with hair four shades lighter (or darker, or redder) than yours. Robert J. Faust Daily Reader I was absolutely horrified when I picked up this paper on Wednesday and saw the featured political cartoon. It was a sketch of John McCain doing what the artist referred to as âÄúThe McCain Mummy Wave.âÄù I cannot fathom how you could ever allow this to be printed. Your artist is either completely ignorant for not knowing the reason behind why McCain cannot fully lift his arms, or is lacking any moral character. The reason John McCain cannot completely lift his arms is because of the torture he endured as a prisoner during the Vietnam War. When his plane was shot down over Hanoi, both his arms were broken and he nearly drowned. Some North Vietnamese men pulled him ashore and crushed his shoulder with a rifle and bayoneted him. Afterward, they refused to treat him, eventually leaving him unable to normally use his arms. In total, John spent five and half years being tortured as a POW, two of which he spent in solitary confinement. I really donâÄôt care what political party you are; that sort of mockery is despicable. You owe John McCain an apology and, while youâÄôre at it, a thank you. Lauren Carlson Reader