Dear Dr. Date,I sa…

Dear Dr. Date,
I saw a guy on Saturday, March 4, at Annie’s Parlor in Dinkytown around 10:15 p.m. I was hoping you could help me see him again. I was with a girlfriend of mine, and he was with two guy friends. We exchanged several glances while he was talking with his friends and reading the Daily.
I was wearing a black peacoat and I had my brown hair up in a ponytail. He has brown hair, amazing blue eyes, and was wearing a dark blue sweatshirt. I really wanted to talk to him, but I was too shy, and I’m afraid that now I’ve missed my chance. I would really like to see him again and would appreciate your help.
— Hopeful in Dinkytown

Let this be a lesson to you, shy one. Opportunities always look better in retrospect. Next time, get off your butt and take a chance on someone. It helps if you don’t get too excited. By this, I mean don’t start naming the babies until you’ve had them. By this, I mean don’t put a lot of hope on talking to just one guy. You talk to guys all the time, right? This guy should be no different. Every day all over this campus there are crushes that flare up and pass quickly. How many missed opportunities is it going to take for you to start acting?
What worries me about situations like yours is that now you are obsessing about this guy you missed. You’ll likely spend needless energy trying to find him even though you know it’s unlikely. Meanwhile, you’re probably missing more great guys that are looking at you, but are too shy to act. Trust me, they are out there, and you are missing them.
Spring is coming, darlings. It’s time to start practicing for the social season. Take this opportunity to take a risk and meet someone new. By this opportunity, I’m referring to the one in front of your beautiful nose right now. I know a lot of you read this column before class, at lunch, on the bus and sitting around campus. These are all excellent times to meet people. You don’t have to join a cult with them, you just have to say “hi.” They might turn out to be a great friend. They might also turn out to be complicated and addicted to anti-depressants, but wouldn’t this be more interesting than not talking to anyone?
Do it now. Look up from this paper and open your eyes to the world around you. Start a conversation with someone you don’t know. If they blow you off, don’t worry; they’re square. You aren’t trying to find a date or a sexual partner, you are just looking for a simple, short conversation with someone you’ve never spoken to. Is that so hard?