Wrestling AND women’s gymnastics: Minnesota vs. Iowa State

by Austin Cumblad

When I first found out I’d be traveling to Ames, Iowa for "Beauty and the Beast," I was pretty excited.  I’d always wanted to see a Broadway show and here was my chance.  Imagine my disappointment when I found out it was actually a women’s gymnastics meet and a wrestling dual between Minnesota and Iowa State occurring simultaneously.  But, I’ve recovered and here I am at Hilton Colliseum, looking out over both a wrestling mat and gymnastics apparatus.  Should be a pretty interesting night.  The event has drawn quite a crowd, one I’m quite certain neither Gophers squads are used to competing in front of.

Full disclosure: As I am the beat reporter for the wrestling team, I know little to nothing about gymnastics.  Still, I’ll do my best to update scores as the evening goes and provide a smattering of commentary on the evening’s events.

We’re about five minutes from getting underway here.  As usual, I’ll provide a play-by-play of each wrestling match.  Happy Friday and keep an eye on mndaily.com for updates on all Minnesota athletics throughout the weekend.

Gymnastics Final Minnesota 191.475, Iowa State 194.600 125 – No. 7 Zach Sanders vs. No. 10 Tyler Clark First Period: No scoring Second Period: Sanders starts down. No scoring, Clark racks up an entire period of riding time, however. Third Period: Clark starts down, Sanders lets him escape right away. Takedown Sanders, escape Clark. With the bonus point for riding time, Clark wins 3-2, Iowa State takes a 3-0 lead. 133 – Jayson Ness wins by forfeit, Minnesota now leads 6-3. 141 – No. 7 Mike Thorn vs. No. 4 Nick Gallick First Period: Takedown Gallick with 30 seconds left in the period, leads 2-0. Second Period: Thorn starts down, escapes. Takedown Gallick, another escape by Thorn. Gallick leads 4-2. Third Period: Gallick starts down, escapes. Takedown Gallick, escape Thorn. Takedown Thorn but it’s not enough, Gallick wins 7-5. The team score is tied at 6-6. 149 – Joe Grygelko vs. No. 18 Mitch Mueller First Period: A takedown by Mueller is the only scoring of the period. Second Period: Grygelko starts down, escapes after 50 seconds. Takedown Mueller, Grygelko escapes quickly. Mueller leads 4-2 entering the third. Third Period: Mueller starts down, escapes. Mueller takedown, lets Grygelko escape. Mueller takedown again, Grygelko escape again. Mueller wins 10-4, Iowa State now leads 9-6. 157 – Tyler Safratowich vs. No. 8 Cyler Sanderson First Period: Takedown Sanderson, then a three-point near-fall. Safratowich avoids the fall, escapes. Takedown Sanderson, he’s thoroughly dominating this period, it ends 7-1. Second Period: Sanderson starts down, escapes. Takedown Safratowich. Reset with Sanderson down, Safratowich lets him stand up for an escape. Takedown Safratowich, another escape. It’s 10-5 Sanderson after two. Third Period: Safratowich starts down, escapes quickly but can’t put anymore points on the board and Sanderson wins 10-6. I owa State leads 12-6 165 – Scott Glasser vs. No. 7 Jon Reader First Period: Reader with a takedown, that’s the only scoring of the period. 2-0 Reader. Second Period: Reader starts down, reverses. Point reader for stalling. 5-0 after two. Third Period: Neutral start, takedown for Reader, Glasser escapes. Another takedown for Reader, another escape for Glasser. And again. Reader records a 12-3 major decision, Iowa State leads 16-6. 174 – Kaleb Young vs. No. 19 Duke Burk First Period: Burk notches a takedown, Young escapes. Another takedown for Burk late in the period, it ends at 4-1. Second Period: Burk starts down, reverses, almost pinning Young in the process. Young escapes. Takedown Burk with time winding down, he leads 8-2. Third Period: Young starts down, escapes. Takedown Young, but Burk reverses before Young escapes again. Burk scores an 11-6 decision, it’s 19-6 Iowa State. 184 – Sonny Yohn vs. No. 18 Jerome Ward First Period: No scoring. Second Period: Ward starts down, finally escapes after 1:30. Neither man seems to want to wrestle after that, the period ends with Ward leading 1-0. Third Period: Yohn starts down, escapes to level the score. Ward records a takedown with 35 seconds remaining, Yohn escapes but it’s not enough. 3-2 win for Ward, it’s 22-6 Iowa State and this dual is statistically over. 197 – Gordon Bierschenk vs. No. 1 Jake Varner First Period: Varner takedown, it’s not going anywhere so he lets Bierschenk escape. 2-1 Varner after the first period. Second Period: Bierschenk starts down, escapes. Varner takes him down, Bierschenk escapes again. Another takedown for Varner, another escape for Bierschenk, then he’s penalized a point for stalling. 7-4 Varner after two. Third Period: Varner starts down, escapes then takes Bierschenk down. Two-point near-fall for Varner, another stalling penalty on Bierschenk. It’s a 14-4 major decision for Varner, 26-6 Iowa State now. Hwt – No. 17 Ben Berhow vs. No. 1 David Zabriskie First Period: Takedown Berhow, escape by Zabriskie. Then a takedown Zabriskie and Berhow escapes. Takedown Zabriskie last in the period, he leads 5-3 after one. Second Period: Berhow starts down, escapes. Zabriskie takedown, Berhow escapes. Period ends with Zabriskie leading 7-5. Third Period: Zabriskie starts down, Berhow lets him escape. Zabriskie notches a takedown as Berhow tries to drag him out of bounds. Berhow escapes. Zabriskie wins 11-6, Iowa State takes dual 29-6.