Dorm life takes

by Dawn Throener

Leaving familiar territory for the unknowns of college can be intimidating. But by following some simple advice, the transition can be made easier.
Mary Ann Ryan, director of Housing and Residential Life, said one of first things incoming freshmen are concerned about is living with a roommate. “It’s an adjustment,” Ryan said.
Forming that relationship with a roommate takes time and includes learning about each other and how to live together. “It sometimes doesn’t happen overnight,” Ryan said.
Trying to make the roommate relationship work can be worth the time and effort required, she said.
“Ultimately, this person could be a lifelong friend,” Ryan said.
Ryan also advises using resident assistants, also known as community advisers, to deal with difficult roommate negotiations.
The next step is establishing a sense of community. This starts with sharing bathrooms to establish community guidelines.
Another aspect is learning how to live in a community with people from different walks of life. Ryan said that this happens on each floor of the dorms. Community advisers are there to help form that sense of harmony.
Finally, Ryan advises students not to be afraid of asking questions.
“I hope that first-year students realize that there are so many folks at the University that understand how it feels to be new and really are there to help them with anything from, ‘Where’s the laundry room?’ to ‘What time is lunch?'”
Questions regarding housing can be directed to Housing and Residential Life by calling (612) 624-2994 or e-mailing [email protected]
“There is always someone to help you,” Ryan said.